The Wheelchair Hustle is a self made empire brought to you by handicapable Prince “Nytty Stacks” Harris since 2019. In 2009 Prince was shot five times in a crossfire while prepping for a movie shoot for rappers Common and Queen Latifah and left paralyzed with a C4 injury. 

Prince would not let his injuries hold him back from greatness. After being released from Saint Vincent Hospital in march of 2010 Prince continued to run his recording studio Black King Studio and later formed Black King Records empire. In early 2019 Prince came up with an idea to try and put together a reality show entitled The wheelchair Hustle to show people in similar situations and the world that no matter the situation anything is possible (If I can do it anyone can) WCH Reality show wasn’t started yet because with no budget it’s hard to find dedicated people that’s willing to ride with you through the mud. 

Prince didn’t let that stop him, oh no he came up with yet another wonderful idea and started Wheelchair Hustle Apparel for men, women and kids basically overnight.

Wheelchair Hustle Apparel started with basic tees for all. In the fall of 2021, Wheelchair Hustle Apparel released its 100% Organic Cotton Apparel and I gotta say I was one of the first to try the sweatsuit and the material is one of the best.